M.C.S. Facchetti S.r.l.
Premium Italian Mouldmaker


Innovative solutions are the result of the thinking process behind our ideas. Such process entails the design, production and heat treatment, activities that we develop personally within our company and that allow us to define M.C.S. Facchetti as a "Premium Italian Mouldmaker".
Qualità Engineering and Design The driving force behind M.C.S. Facchetti boasts an accomplished and flexible design department, which is the driving force behind our company. It is in this phase that the best ideas take shape: those that are created by people, for people. And which we turn into great projects. Continued vai a Progrettazione
Engineering e progettazione Production Within our production department, we manufacture die-cast and plastic injection moulds in sizes of up to 4,500 x 3,500 x 3,000 mm and an overall weight of more than 100,000 kg. Continued vai a Produzione
Trattamenti termici Heat treatments We have been carrying out heat treatments on moulds and components in-house since 1981 and we continue to believe that this is the distinctive feature of M.C.S. Facchetti. Continued vai a Trattamenti termici
Produzione Quality M.C.S. Facchetti regularly performs accurate checks on the quality of its products so as to guarantee that every single component is perfect. Continued vai a Qualità