M.C.S. Facchetti S.r.l.
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Heat treatments

On the back of solid skills in metallurgy, we are aware of the importance of heat treatment as a guarantee of quality, reliability, and durability of the product. For this reason, since 1981 we have been carrying out in-house heat treatments on moulds and components and we continue to consider this as a distinctive feature of M.C.S. Facchetti. Contact us vai a Contatti
Today, our heat treatment department boasts the following plants:
  • IPSEN hardening and vacuum tempering furnace, with a load capacity of up to 1,200 Kg.
  • Pit system for nitriding, stress relieving, oxidations and various thermochemical treatments, with a load capacity of up to 6,000 kg.
  • Tempering and stress relieving furnace with automatic loading
Available treatments
  • Vacuum hardening
  • Gas nitriding
  • Carbonitriding
  • Ageing
  • Oxidation
  • Stress relieving
  • Post-oxidation stress relieving
Our experienced staff carefully manages every step of the process, which is the result of extensive know-how and many years of experience.