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Structural castings - an innovative approach to the giga mould

Structural castings - an innovative approach to the giga mould

MCS Facchetti, with a constant focus on innovation, has carried out in-depth studies of new technologies designed to be applied to giga castings, with satisfactory results.
The constant technological development that affects the sector of large structural castings is leading manufacturers in one single direction: that of reinterpreting the concept of design and production.
MCS Facchetti, which has always presented itself to the market as a trailblazer of innovative technological solutions, positioned to improve the experience of its customers, has decided, with this in mind, to follow market trends and respond to any emerging request. This is why it performed an in-depth study, proposing new solutions within the technologies of giga casts.

MCS Facchetti's team of experts has therefore developed a 3D model that can be superimposed on a rear body chassis, currently in production with standard technology, at the manufacturers of electric vehicles.
The capillary feed technology, which we successfully employ in various fields, has been applied to these large castings in such a way as to assess the actual feasibility of the process and of the product.

The resulting advantages are clear to see:

  • • Reduction of the footprint area by up to 30%;
  • • Machine tonnage reduction with consequent containment of production costs;
  • • Division of the casting inside the mould, which avoids subsequent deformations of the casting itself;
  • • Reduction of the filling distances inside the casting, which results in excellent quality of the final casting.

  • It is a technological solution that requires further investigation and precision, but the preliminary analyses are already encouraging for the purposes of implementing and completing the project.

    It is the skills gained in over 40 years, together with a rich know-how, that allow us to address - and successfully tackle - the new technological challenges facing the market. pone.

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